The Future of Narrowboat Propulsion

“The times they are a changing” and this very interesting video presentation by Bowman Bradley of the IWA, gives us a peek at how UK narrowboats could be powered in the future.

Primarily, Bowman looks at sustainable propulsion and covers the different types of electric engine systems that are available now and in the future. I was particularly pleased to see that my planned serial hybrid engine, is relatively future proof. When technology permits, it can be simply upgraded, by swapping the diesel generator for a hydrogen power cell.

Also in the video, Bowman looks at how the existing fleet of diesel powered craft might repower in the future and what infrastructure changes need to happen. Investment in new recharging points, hydrogen refueling stations, etc. in order to support this new generation of electric boats.

I would recommend anyone who is thinking about electric propulsion for their narrowboat to watch this video. It’s further convinced us, that we are making the best decision at this current time and that “Old Nick’s” propulsion system is future proof.

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  1. Fascinating video. I have just subscribed to your blog having read the article about Old Nick in the June edition of Towpath Talk. So now I’m working my way through your blog posts! I have been living aboard my narrowboat for about 18 months now. I am always looking to reduce my impact upon our finite resources and contribute to a sustainable, environmentally responsible lifestyle.

    Thanks for your enjoyable, informative and inspiring posts. It is great to link up with others living on the canals. You may be interested in looking in at my blog – Notes from a Novice Navigator.

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