Bits and Pieces

With just a couple of weeks left of the build, we thought it might be nice to give you an idea of how Old Nick is coming along.

As we are so far away it’s great to get the daily photos that Ortomarine post, more or less daily. We like to sit down after dinner and exclaim over the day’s progress. Starting externally, the most striking shots are of our 12 Solar Panels. Don’t they look the business?

The 12-strong solar panel array

The paintwork is also looking pretty amazing. We are so pleased with the colours – and it’s very shiny! I just bet it’ll be me that puts the first flipping scratch on it. The lettering etc. will be added next, and that will be another level of excitement again. And we think the bow doors look very smart indeed.

Bow doors

In the engine room, things are also looking pretty good, with the batteries all wired up (and what a neat job!), the generator in place and the engine installed and ready to go. Doesn’t it look tiny! The generator, by the way, is in a soundproofed box, so should not be too intrusive, noise-wise. And of course, it won’t be running all the time, especially not in the summer.

The 24 strong battery bank
The Vetus generator (foreground) and Vetus E-line engine (rear)

Also – on the technical side, the pipework for the plumbing is in, all the cabling is installed and the Vetus bow-thruster is also in.

Turning to the inside, the kitchen and saloon are coming along well , with the kitchen unit carcasses in and awaiting installation of the appliances (oven and hob on the right, washer dryer and larder fridge on the left). The sink is more or less in, too.

The galley in build

The walls and ceiling are lined, the flooring is down, the lighting is in and the dinette is well on the way, just waiting for the freezer to be fitted under that right hand seat.

The dinette under construction

In the saloon, we have radiators and an almost complete corner media unit (second pic below)


One of the radiators
The almost finished (and very level, Rob!) corner media unit

The vanity unit, shower and toilet are all more or less in place in the bathroom and I absolutely love the colour of the shower stall panels.

The vanity unit/Compoost loo
The shower panel and tray ❤️

Finally – the bedroom. We have a bed base, with lift-up frame to access storage. The over bed shelves and the wardrobe and vanity unit are under construction and starting to look great.

We are constantly amazed at how hard and what long hours the team work, and with such great results. Every day we are a step closer to our new lives as continuous cruisers. As I reflect on our – to use that overused, but apt word – journey – it seems strange. It started in a world that was pre-Covid, pre Bill & Ted – our Border Terrier pups, pre house sale, and pre welcoming a new Mrs Sumpner into our family, albeit not quite as planned, thanks to Covid. And now, within a couple of weeks, this “waiting” part of our lives will be over and a whole new chapter will be starting! Not long now.

16 Replies to “Bits and Pieces”

    1. Thanks Hazel. Can’t quite believe we are nearly there. In fact won’t fully believe it until I am standing on the stern of Old Nick, on the water!

  1. I am so incredibly excited for you all and all the adventures you have in front of you.
    phooey to covid, it just made the journey more curious, but who wants plain sailing all the time
    love the photos, everything is going to be gorgeous

  2. Wow!!!! It’s fabulous indeed. Nearly, nearly, nearly there.
    Yes, I’d be terrified of bashing it ….. which of course I would do 🙁
    We have just booked four nights on south Oxford … from Lower Heyford, with Oxfordshire Narrowboats. Derek’s best friend and wife have never canal holidayed so persuaded us (didn’t take much) to join them. Only problem …. it’s a 65’ !!!! ….. May have to leave it to Derek :)))
    Looking forward to seeing pics of you on it. xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi guys, wow, she looks stunning. I bet Ortomarine have learned a thing or two working with you both through this process! When I read “In fact won’t fully believe it until I am standing on water looking at the stern of Old Nick,” I realised you really had worked miracles. On second reading I realised you were just human!

    1. Hi Mark,

      I must admit walking on water is pretty difficult but I am almost getting the hang of if…

      Walking on Water

      Cannot wait to get onboard!

      All the best

  4. Make sure Paul gets a converter not an inverter. You wouldn’t want to have your wine turned to water!
    Best Mark L..

  5. Omg I can’t believe how awesome your “Old Nick” looks.
    It seems like it’s going to be home from home.
    Enjoy your travels and your new way of life XXX❤️

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